Does Therapy Work?

Does Therapy Work?

Yes, psychotherapy works. (Otherwise I would have quit doing it a long time ago!)

Marriage Counseling:
The kind of couple counseling that I do has a 90% success rate.  Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, outperforms any other kind of marriage counseling available.

Individual Therapy: There have been hundreds of studies on whether psychotherapy works to resolve emotional problems. One, for example, summarized 475 studies of the outcome of therapy. It found the average person who completed therapy was better off than 80% of the people who did not receive therapy. Many other studies agree with this finding. This level of effectiveness is equal to having a pacemaker installed, to prevent fainting from heart malfunction. Psychotherapy is 6 times more effective than using beta-blockers to prevent being re-admitted to the hospital for heart failure. It is 3 times more effective than bone-marrow transplants to prevent relapse or death from leukemia. It is 59 times more effective than taking aspirin to prevent a major cardiovascular event. In short, psychotherapy is as effective, or far more effective, than many well-known medical procedures.

There have been so many new developments in Psychology in the last couple of decades.  We have learned so many different ways to help people with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, grief, and trauma.  It is very encouraging to have so many tools and strategies available to us now, from marriage counseling research and tools, to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and even better, the more recent development of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy, to EMDR for trauma, Hypnosis for habit control (smoking cessation), pain management, etc., and more.  It's exciting to know that, more often than not, we can find something that will help with whatever the problem is that you are dealing with.

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