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Are you losing sleep over your relationship?

Do you wonder how it got like this?
Do you want to find that loving connection again?
Working with couples is a specialty.  Don't trust your relationship to anything less.  I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist

The biggest frustration I hear from my clients is that they can’t seem to get their relationship to be what they want it to be, or hoped it would be, or once was. Why is it so difficult? Why do we keep having the same problem over and over again and never seem to get it resolved? Why do we have so much trouble understanding each other? Or even just listening to each other?

Relationships can be our greatest source of happiness in life; a refuge in the sometimes stormy seas of life, and a place where we feel understood and loved. Or, when they’re not going well, they can be our biggest source of stress, frustration, and ironically, loneliness.

Unfortunately, most of us are given woefully little information on how to create and sustain a healthy, loving relationship of mutual respect and support. Not knowing what to do differently we find ourselves going round and round in a spiral of frustration and discouragement. A marriage, or other intimate relationship, is too important to leave to chance and hope it will be okay.

The good news is that most relationship problems can be vastly improved. In my experience, people genuinely want to make things better, they just don’t know how. And maybe they’re losing hope that they can. I find that when I start working with a couple and they begin to understand what is creating the problem, and what they can do that will make it better, there is a tremendous feeling of relief.

I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping couples find these answers. As I watch couples go from frustration, anger, and discouragement, possibly being on the verge of divorce; to working together, beginning to understand each other, stopping the blaming, and feeling appreciated, I know that my job is one of the most important and satisfying jobs ever.

If you would like to make your relationship more happy and satisfying, for both of you, but you’re not sure how, call me today. I would love to help.

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